Religious Sites and Sacred Spaces

Many prominent religious sites, sacred grounds, and places of worship abound in Kisumu. Notable among such hallowed grounds are revered traditional African sites such as Kit Mikayi, located only a few miles from Kisumu, and new religious spaces that have emerged with the arrival of immigrants from the Middle East and the Asian sub-continent in… Read more »

Academic Institutions in Kisumu

Some of the oldest, best, and well-established educational institutions in Kenya are located in Kisumu and its environs. These institutions range from public and private elementary, secondary, and high schools to public and private universities. Some of Kenya’s leading intellectuals today went to academic institutions in and around Kisumu; this is where they spent their… Read more »

Roads, Railroads, and Ports

Kisumu is strategically located at an intersection of major roads, waterways, ports, and, until recently, railroads, connecting it to major markets, towns, cities, and countries in the Great Lakes region. In fact, the emergence of Kisumu as a hub of important social, economic, and political activities was in no small measure due to the construction… Read more »