Academic Institutions in Kisumu

Some of the oldest, best, and well-established educational institutions in Kenya are located in Kisumu and its environs. These institutions range from public and private elementary, secondary, and high schools to public and private universities. Some of Kenya’s leading intellectuals today went to academic institutions in and around Kisumu; this is where they spent their formative years. Academic institutions in Kisumu have thus contributed to the social, economic, and political development of Kenya.



Kisumu Girls High School
From a Mixed Boys-Girls School to a Single Girls-Only High School

A few years before its independence in the 1960s, Kenya saw efforts by various personalities, organizations, and groups to give proper intellectual backing to the education of girls. Of vital importance to this intellectual awakening was th...

Kisumu Boys’ High School
Colonialism, Indians, and Western Education in Kenya

One of the best and most well-known academic institutions in Kisumu City is Kisumu Boys' High School. This is probably one of the best schools in Kisumu County, if not Kenya as a whole. It has made an indelible mark on Kenya’s social, eco...

The Only University on the Equator
Maseno University and its Impact on the Social, Economic and Political Development of Kenya

The emergence of Maseno University as one of the top universities in Kenya is a crowning accomplishment of the education enterprise at <a href="">Maseno</a> for the last 100 years. Since at least 1906...

The Oginga Odinga House at Maseno National School
A Symbol of Protest in Colonial Kenya

Born in 1911, Jaramogi Ajuma Oginga Odinga was a member of the Luo community whose drive, vision, selflessness, and commitment strongly influenced the trajectory of Kenya’s history. Born under British colonial rule, Odinga was inspired to...

“How Come I Never Saw You at Maseno National School?”
How Maseno Became the Prestigious School It Is Today

The early missionaries who were moving into Kenya were very interested in setting up schools for local Africans to start learning about the western world so they could become part of the society the missionaries came from. In 1906 missionar...

From Single-faith-based Religious to Multi-faith-based, Integrated Education
A History of Religious and Secular Schools in Kisumu

On July 21, 1951, the first foundation stone of Victoria Primary School was laid by John Riddoch, one of the leading white residents of Kisumu. Although the inscription marking the foundation of the school does not say much about the target...