MaCleKi lets you explore the history of Kisumu, Kenya, through location-based essays and media. The project presents a range of themes, including culture, education, leadership and politics, land and environment, housing, health, trade, technology, religion, tourism, gender relations, ethnic and racial relations, and regional and international relations. A partnership between Maseno University and Cleveland State University, MaCleKi is funded by a grant from the NEH Office of Digital Humanities. Read more.

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    Macleki is a location-based project. Each of the stories on this site are assigned geolocation coordinates on the interactive map. Story locations are determined based on how each author interprets their story. For stories about buildings, districts, historic sites and other topics having a discrete location, the coordinates represent either the current location, or a past location in the event that the subject is no longer found in the physical landscape. Some thematic stories do not have a discrete location and are thus placed in an area where the story is deemed by the author to have the most geographic relevance.

Colonialism Politics Trade Labor Environment Race Religion Agriculture Education Health and Safety Gender Land Alienation and Foreign Settlements Luo migration Christianity Lake Victoria Kenya-Uganda Railway missionaries Maseno markets memorials Jaramogi Oginga Odinga schools Asians South Africa Anglican Church Maseno National School land tourism railroads John Jamieson Willis African chiefs HIV/AIDS healthcare informal economy Milimani SAP's Kit Mikayi food churches Maseno University industry fishing Daniel arap Moi East African Community protest Walter Edwin Owen Nyanza culture Tom Mboya racial discrimination Port Florence Kisumu Port miracle healers Uganda Lake Victoria Basin Commission transportation