Religious Sites and Sacred Spaces

Many prominent religious sites, sacred grounds, and places of worship abound in Kisumu. Notable among such hallowed grounds are revered traditional African sites such as Kit Mikayi, located only a few miles from Kisumu, and new religious spaces that have emerged with the arrival of immigrants from the Middle East and the Asian sub-continent in Kisumu. These hallowed places attract thousands of religious devotees and committed faithfuls looking to make contacts with the ancestors, celebrate important religious occasions, offer sacrifices, or simply to affirm commitment to their various and varied religious beliefs. These sacred religious rendezvous are often marked by great celebrations, and, at other times, by clashes and conflicts.



The Many Uses of Kit Mikayi
An Examination of Kit Mikayi as a Historical, Cultural, Religious Site among the Seme People of Luoland

The African continent, like other continents around the world, has many natural rock formations and other structural wonders with deep significance for the ethnic groups and communities living around them. One of these is Kit Mikayi. Kit Mi...

The Anglican Church in Maseno
The Emergence of a Fully African Congregation in Maseno, 1906-1964

The Anglican Church of Kenya in <a href="">Maseno</a> is a distinct and vibrant local expression of faith that seeks to ensure the salvation of the body, soul, and spirit of man through expressions of...

The Power of Jesus Around the World Church in Kisumu
The Church as a Social, Economic, and Political Force in Kenya

You cannot fail to see it. The Power of Jesus Around the World Church building in Kisumu City. A big symbol of the cross stands a top a red hexagonal-sided roof on the large, brownish, brick building. In case you are not sure that it is the...

The Bombay of East Africa
Asian and African Relations in Kisumu

The subject matter of race relations has remained a controversial issue world-wide. This issue continues to attract enormous attention from scholars of all sorts. This is anchored on the premise of the extent to which dependent groups can h...

Miracle Healers in Kisumu
Comparing Father Juma Pesa of Kisumu, and Pastor Lesego Daniel of South Africa

Religious healing has been a facet of the Christian faith for centuries. The New Testament’s gospels of Christ declare that Jesus performed many miracles during his lifetime, and it was these miracles that bore witness to his godliness. S...

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Kisumu, Kenya
A History of its Origin, Evolution, and Contribution to the Social, Economic, and Political Development of Kisumu

He was probably one of the most mercurial and charismatic religious leaders in independent Kenya. He was brave and fearless. He was described in nearly every notable Kenyan newspapers as a fiery and vocal cleric who fearlessly, relentlessly...